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Hi Bill,
Agree with Steve that you won't find an adequate rib that will fit in your lazarette.  I have the 10.5 ft AB with fiberglass hull.  It is a very dry ride compared to other details blks I've had, but it is much too heavy, get the aluminum hull.  Also, like Steve and Liz, I carry mine on the foredeck when underway.  The biggest drawback is that the forward hatch can't be opened...but you probably wouldn't open it underway unless on a downwind run.  For long passages, I still carry it on the foredeck, but deflated.

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Hi Bill, 

I don't think you are going to find a RIB of suitable size that will fit in the aft locker. We have an AB 9.5 aluminum which we are quite fond of. It is under 100#, which makes it fairly easy for the two of us to get it stowed on deck. We stow it fore and aft and deflated on the aft deck for long passages. Just Island hopping in the Caribbean it is normally upside down forward of the mast, and stays inflated. The Highfield aluminum 9.5 is another good choice, but is not quite as dry of a boat as the AB. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Grenada for the summer

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I suspect I know the answer to this already, but it's worth asking the group...

Has anybody found a rigid hull inflatable dinghy that when deflated/disassembled fits a Super Maramu's aft deck locker?

Bill Kinney
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Highlands, NJ

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