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Two months ago, we bought a new Honda 4 stroke 10hp outboard. It is really a great engine. However, because of the handle, it will not fit in a SM aft lazarette.

Our 15hp 2 stroke Mercury had lasted 13 years and was still working, but not as reliable as before. I had checked with other sailors about buying an exact replacement. All of these experts told me "no way...you can't buy them anymore."

The first marine shop I walked into in Trinidad had a brand new Mercury 15hp 2 stroke in the window and it is priced $1,000 less than the Honda. I am hoping to find a Honda lover. They are great engines and I will make them a great deal at 25% off.

And, if you are traveling to the Caribbean and Trinidad, I can tell you where to buy a Mercury 2 stroke at almost any horsepower.

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