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Hi Eamonn,
I don't have a way to check the size or thread, but there are 32 smaller ones in the mizzen boom track, and another in the forward cap.  There are 42 larger bolts in the main boom track plus another in the forward cap.  If no one knows the size or thread, I can remove one and take to a hardware store to see if I can identify them.

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when I had the standing rigging replaced in April, which involved removing the 2 masts, I also requested that the masts and booms be treated and painted. My problem is that when they reinserted the outhaul tracks on the two booms they used new stainless steel bolts, since they lost/discarded the original aluminium bolts.  I am far away from the boat currently.  Could someone please tell me the specification of these bolts, or let me know where I can buy them?  Also how many are required?  About 32 I think?

Many Thanks

Eamonn Washington

SM #151 Travel Bug, Cleopatra Marina, Greece

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