Re: hot water

Ken & Judy <goldendaze@...>

I replaced the old water heater with the 11 gal. Force 10.
You can have Chuck at Sailorman order one if he doesn't have
it in stock. It is 110V and engine heated. SS outside box,
with aluminum tank. It is also higher
and shorter, thus giving space between the heater and
generator for storage. The existing hoses from the Perkins
reached, with no modification. I put a epoxied plywood base to
sit it on. Because of the height, I had to cut and pop rivet
one corner of the ss outside box to wiggle it into the space.
Whether engine or 110v water will still be quite warm the
next morning. At the dock we usually only turn
it on in the morning and maybe a bit
in evening, rather that leave it on all the time.
A big improvement over original.

We also used the Force 10 three burner stove, although you
have to do some cutting to get it to fit. Also much better
than the old stove.

Ken Coats & Judy Golden
Golden Daze
Maramu #192 (1985)

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