Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow thruster shaft removal

James Alton

Bill and Ian,

   I don’t know if this will help or not but one way to provide a gentle and controllable amount of vibration to loosen rust and work penetrant in would be to use an orbital sander or some similar tool.  Perhaps find a way to strap/tape the sander (with just a rubber pad on the sander)  to the assembly and leave it run for a period of time, stopping to squirt in more penetrant from time to time as Bill has suggested.  This problem certainly illustrates the importance of regular service to the bow thruster.

Best of luck,


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Thanks Bill, we are in St.Augustine Florida. I have no idea when the last servicing was done.We only bought the boat two years ago and there are no records. Yes, the locking pin was in. The special tool is broken and i will have to order a new one or repair this one. We have doused the bolt holes and the underside of the collar with penetrating oil. Will attempt your suggestions tomorrow morning. Thank you once again 

Ian Townsend
Loca Lola II
SM 153

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