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I can now answer my own question – the solenoid is Albright SW202N-14 (24 volt version) – I have found a supplier in the UK ( ) – they are building one for me today from Albright parts according to the original specification and are sending it to me in France by 3 day delivery for £220.


I tested the batteries myself last year and again recently using a battery tester that you recommended and they were ok last year and again recently (although the values were down on last year) but as they are 5 years old then it seems prudent to change them anyway. So I am replacing them with 13 Victron AGM batteries.


The engineer who fixed the motor charged 920 euros – which seems extremely reasonable to me – particularly after what you just posted. I found him originally as I decided to buy Victron solar panels as they had very similar specification to the panels that you and many have used on the solar arch and we have other Victron equipment which we have been very impressed with. He was the closest Victron dealer according to their site. When I went to collect the panels from him (which he supplied at a very good price) I noticed that he had a few people rewinding motors and I soon realized that he and his son were real engineering geeks and took a great deal of pride in their work. When I took him the motor a few weeks ago I think he saw repairing it as a challenge - particularly after the “Brico” that I had performed on the motor last year in Menorca. Needless to say he told me sternly that if it breaks again that I am not to touch but rather to bring it back to him!


His business details are : SARL EFE – - email : e.f.e.transfo AT


One other thing he has offered : we have a Victron Quattro 100 Amp charger / inverter and a Victron mppt solar panel regulator both connected to the Victron color Control – this is connected via our boat network via 4G to the Victron site this allows me to monitor remotely the state of batteries, etc. With this system I was able to grant him access to the control system and he has offered to reconfigure from his workshop the Quattro and Mppt for the agm batteries when I have installed them – very helpful indeed.



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I know of one other owner who had the same problem with their bow thruster motor. They had Amel in Martinique ship the motor to Amel La Rochelle, who shipped it to some unknown place for rebuild. The total cost was between 3,000 and 4,000 Euros!


When you have a chance please share your information, because even though it is located in Perpignan, France, it may be a solution for boats located elsewhere.


It is interesting that he suggested a possible cause might be the bow thruster solenoid switch. I had not considered that too much resistance in the solenoid would cause damage to the motor and communicator, but I now understand how it could. I do not know the specs of the thruster relay on a SM. I can't get to mine right now and will look later. I suspect that I will find some numbers on it that I will search.


Regarding your batteries, they can be checked for internal shorts and load-checked. I am sure that you know that most battery suppliers will provide this service.




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So I managed to find a local motor engineering workshop near Perpignan that specialise in repairing and reconditioning motors (lift motors, wind generators, etc) they have completely rebuilt the main bow thruster motor including changing the commutator the whole unit looks brand new now! He strongly advised me to also change the boat batteries and bow thruster relay to eliminate all possible causes of the problem. Does anyone know the specifications of the main bow thruster motor relay?





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