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Mark Erdos

Ian and Judy,


This is a very difficult question to answer since the truth is that it depends on your personal preference and the energy goals you are trying to accomplish using solar panels. We are in the process of adding solar. We are adding an arch since we felt this would make the most suitable location. When faced with how many panels’ or how much wattage to add, our decision was to add as much as the arch could take (without being obnoxious). Our decision was to add the arch first and then measure to add as much solar as we could. It is because we live on the boat and cruise full time. We also have an wind generator. We still plan to run the generator at night with AC units running to cool down the boat for a couple of hours. Even, with us adding the solar, we realize we will not be totally using free energy. We could have perhaps added the solar panels to the rails and accomplished the same, but we like the idea of the panels being out of the way. Our thought (for a full time cruiser), if you are going to add solar, go big.




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 Hi all solar users,


We were planning to visit Emek in Turkey for one of their solar arches. Discretion being the better part of valour we have postponed that trip. We have so many photos of their arches that we can get one built elsewhere.


The question I would be interested in having answered is:


What are the appropriate  dimensions and output of solar panels  for an SM arch ?


Every yottie we speak to raves about their own panels and advises us  to go as big as we can; however, some boats  ( in general, not Amels)look overwhelmed by outsized panels, others look to have been too conservative. Clearly there is a balance of output versus aesthetics .


Any views will be very welcome.


Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 , Greece ( 37c and very sunny )

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