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Hi Paul
whow you can get 8.3 A continious during lets say 10 h in Greek with the Emek Solar installation. This is your calculation with 2.05 KWh/ day. and how you can dived kwh/day ??? Hours/day??? And pls its not 450 W our solar panel! its 450 PW. ( Peak Watt). Googel it and then maybe you understand
kind regards
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Hello Ian and Judy
We have 450 W fitted by Emek. On Average in June we got 2.05 KWh/day, which I convert to about 83 Ah a day. We have been in the Ionian the whole of June. The lowest reading was 0,97 KWh or 39 Ah. A rather rainy day but some spell of sunshine. Max was 116 Ah
Ww also have 200 W on the rail but they more often come into shadow. They gave on average in June 16 Ah. Peak 23 Ah, lowest was 9 Ah
Paul on SYKerpa SM 259

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