Steering Cables

Gary Wells

Hey :). Looking for some input on what might be a smaller job but I want to see if it's been explored before.
At the helm I felt a good sized 'click' in the wheel when making a large steering change. It can be heard when the autohelm is working hard as well. When looking at the steering mechanism (I believe it's a rack and pinion setup) I could see the forward-most cable moving an eight to quarter inch in-and-out of the long square tube. When jiggling said cable it could be forced to do the same thing and I came up with a couple of very fine metal (magnetic) strands I presume to be threads from the stop block.
Tightening the cable adjustment alleviated the play and reduced the motion but I believe the threaded retaining block to be stripped and will endeavour to get a replacement/machined piece in place to fix it.
Looks like an in-depth job, but not too terrible, to take down the steering mechanism in order to get at the cable(s). Has anyone been through this that can offer tips on extracting the cable and all? Everything seems well greased, I just have not seen this particular one crop up before.
Gary W
SM 209 Adagio

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