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Paul Osterberg

It looks as you have very little faith in my knowledge about electricity, and you are probably right Physics and Electricity etc, was not a very strong point for me during my studies, but maybe I got it right this time anyway. 

Now at 09:45 my Emek solapanels give me + 8 A, and when the sun are a little bit higher we rather often get + 12 A and not unusually 14 A for a while.
My Victron MPPT Control gives me more data than I need, but it gives peek watt for the day, and and June they where often above 320 w with and average peek reading of 359 W. It also give total stored kwh for the day which for June was on average 2.05 kwh, given that the Victron measures correctly.
kwh is often the units you are billed at from the electricity company, in Sweden you are billed for how many kwh you consume/month, but the price could be set daily, then they calculate how many kwh/day you consume. In my case the Victron calculate how many kwh going into the battery/day.
Watt is calculated by the formula P=UxI so say 25 volt at average 8.3 A, gives P=207w, if we have this average conditions for 10 h, we get 2,07 Kwh. What's the problem ?
We run 2 fridges and one freezer, all lamps are led, usually my computer and instruments are on 24h, in the morning our batteries are around 90% according to the Victron BMV 700, and well before the sun goes down our Victron reeds 100%, this is when we are at anchor. Obvious the solar panels put in substantial amount of Energy into my batteries

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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