Re: Solar panels for SM

Barry Connor

Hello Paul,
Hope that you or another member can also give me some extra advise and helpI am looking firstly at putting 2 solar panels on our rear arch.
Can you tell me how your 450w is set up? I have seen 250w 24v panels, they are about 1600 x 920 in size.
Our generator works fine pumping in high amps but I think that some solar panels would act as a good daily top up.I have just completed my full Bimini cover and I allowed for 2 flexible 100w 12v panels on each side, wired together for 24v and run through 2 controllers, the sun hopefully will be shining on one side! I would fit these after doing the solar panels on the rear arch. I would then  have 3 controllers in total. This would give me - 500w 24v from the arch, each side of bimini - 2 x 100w 12v linked giving - 2 x 100w 24v from the bimini. If I am correct potentially a total of 700w through 3 controllersIs this too much? 
I have included 2 photos of the Bimini which I have just finished using 1" tube, new 2 tone sunbrella (black on top and beige underneath) and a sailright machine. The bimini has a slight arch to assist with water run off and square corners for max coverage, 2 windows for viewing the mast, headroom is 6ft+.  As I am new at posting and attaching photos I will hopefully soon post a full breakdown of this project.
For now I want to install solar. Any advise  in regards to the best solar panels and controllers would be appreciated.
Best RegardsBarry and Penny Connor"Lady Penelope II"Amel 54   #17Sailing French Med Coast.

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