Re: question on the SM engine vent loop

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Hi John,
Sounds right to me. The water comes out of the engine exhaust loop,
not the generator exhaust. It is meant to reassure you that the
intake seacock is open and that the impeller is working, without
having to look over the side at the exhaust. Your observations are
consistent with my experience.

Roy on Excalibur, SM #195

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Can anyone tell me how much, if any, water is normally supposed to
come out
of the little pipe that vents out of the engine room from the top
of the
anti siphon loop above the engine, and vents/drains into the
cockpit drain
area just forward of the line locker for the mizzen mast ? When
my engine
is idling a very small amount of water comes out, and when I push
the rpm
above 2000 rpm, quite a lot of water comes out. When I run just
generator alone, no water comes out.
Thanks much
John Martin
Moon Dog SM #248

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