Embee Striper No 1100

eric freedman

i couldn't find that website.
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I have a 30amp plus a 50amp charger. They are It seems to me
sso that the 30 should be turned on first and the other after a
od so to let the charge rate stabilise. The 50amp one does not
take the
volts up to 28.8 and indeed does nothing much once the volts reach
about 27 whereas the 30amp one will take them up to 28.6.
At one time Amel told me that the output can be increased by
scraping the red locking varnish off the left hand trimmer in the
middle and near the bottom of the board and turning it clockwise
increase the volts. I tried this and broke the trimmer...perhaps I
should have asked a technician to replace the trimmer in the first
The chargers are standard models altered to meet Amel's spec. I
mine back to the Reya's factory in the south of France and asked
to repair it and also to change it back to the standard spec.
they did and all has been well since. The contact is an Irish girl
whose name is Lucy Kelly lucy.kelly at reya.com
After spending a long time Googling I have found a supplier for
striper. contact louatantiqueboat.com and specify Embee Striper
No 1100 for $29.99. There is a lot of help on painting the
stripes if
you enter words like false teak decks in the search box on this

Would people please list the subject of their messages so that the
search machine can do it's job.

Regards, Anne and John SM319

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