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Thanks Derick.  How does the hinge part work?

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Although I currently use S-hooks on the support wires to hold them up and prevent the platform from accidentally deploying when it is stored, I have found that the platform lays flat against the stern and will stay up on its own, without these hooks.  In the absence of these S hooks, if I attached a line to the edge of the platform and let it trail overboard, perhaps with an end knot just off the water so that it did not grow slime, then I am sure pulling on that line could deploy the platform from the water and I already know from experience that the folding ladder can then be unfolded from the platform by someone swimming in the water.

The platform is made of fiberglass, with stainless steel hardware for the hinge and the eyes where the supporting cables are attached.  The ladder is also stainless steel. The surface of the platform is non-skid - an important safety feature.

I will try to post additional photos of the platform in the Photo section.

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