Re: Amel solar panels


Hi Mark

The N330 and N325 were just released in Europe in April.  They have exactly the same cell as the N285, just one row more.  After assembly they are tested; if the Watts reach or exceed 330 they are sold as N330, or are between 325W and 329W they are sold as N325.

I connected the panels in series.  In parallel would require a more expensive MPPT.  I used 10mm copper wires the whole way from the panels, to the MPPT and onto the batteries.  In theory smaller diameter could have been used from the panels.  Thats 10mm each for positive and negative.

After I removed the false panel hiding the small shelf in the hanging locker, it just required a bit of sanding to even the fiberglass and a couple of coats of white bilge paint (otherwise it is an ugly black).  I created an L-shaped metal support, which was fixed to the fore bulkhead.  Besides bolting the MPPT bottom directly to the shelf, I also bolted it to this support.  Then the the trip switches were also attached to the same support.  All this was near the ceiling, so the hanging locker can still be used.  An electrician did the final wiring, but I believe the switches are on the positive lines.  The trip switches were in a plastic housing.  I never had overheating problems, the MPPT barely gets warm (the TriStar MMPT-60 has enormous passive cooling fins).  No fan required.

Finally I installed a remote display for the MPPT, overhead just above the passage way entrance from the charttable to the battery bank, flush mounted.

Good luck

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