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Great, I am glad that Patrick has been helping you. - he is good.

I used to have Pantaenius through Scott, but switched to Falvey when I purchased my Amel last year. I have yet to see how they will respond to my explosion issues. Hopefully today they will give me authorization to proceed. This is my first claim ever.

Look forward to see you if you are in the yard. I am still on the hard unfortunately as I wait for the repairs to begin and get my new engine running - still waiting for Volvo parts and the exhaust hookup. I keep pushing, but it is really frustrating getting the local contractors moving.
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James, Thanks for getting back to me regarding Patrick. I was surprised yesterday morning when a Electrical engineer , a surveyor , and Patrick all showed up at my house to look at my boat .  I had only had one brief conversation with Patrick , I was surprised Pantaenius included him in the process ,surprised they sent so many qualified men to survey the damage . Patrick seemed to very knowledgable , and I will have him do the repairs . I will take my boat to Bert Jabin's in Annapolis  where your boat is , so may see you there . I will say , so far I have been pleased with Pantaenius's response and my broker, Scott Stusek has been helpful resolving issues.
Thanks Again,

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It is true that Patrick is handling the replacement work for my battery explosion issue. I cannot say whether he understands the Amel systems directly, but I do trust his expertise on electrical systems and instruments in general. I do remember discussing the Amel isolated ground philosophy. He is a strong proponent of a common AC/DC ground, which I think is a bit different.

His knowledge of DC distribution systems is quite good, as is his understanding of the instruments. He is going to do a complete systems checkout once the new batteries are in and running. I will try to work with him as much as possible.
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Jamie, I have spoke with Patrick at Marine Electric Systems about replacing  damaged equipment resulting from lightning . From what he said ,I believe he is doing the work on your boat . Could you tell me if you feel he has a good understanding of the Amel electrical system .


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Thanks for the advice. I am not sure what others have but I have the Mastervolt 24V alternator and it has an external smart regulator. I need to read up on it, but presumably it could handle any type of AGM batteries, since that is what I had with the Intimidators. I know my Morningstar MPPT solar regulator is set for AGM. The boat came with the original Dolphin 100A and a replacement Charles 45A, which is what I use when I am plugged in. Again, I know it is set to AGM. I am not sure about the Dolphin, since I was rarely on generator power and even then the Charles seems to do the trick.

I am going to discuss all with my electrician after my insurance company approves the repairs. My insurance wants a thorough test of the entire electrical system, and my electrician is the one who added the fuse systems that protect all the feeders from the battery compartment - there are I think 10 fuses on the wall just downstream of the main cutoff switches. I do not have a fuse in the 12V starter/alternator feeder to the engine. By the way, one of the 24V fuses blew when the explosion happened. It may have been a fire if I did not have that fuse installed - who knows. Thank goodness there was no fire.

Still no final statement from the surveyor the insurance company hired as to what caused the explosion.

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Agree with Bill's comments.  In our case, we had to re-program both Mastervolt chargers for AGM charging and add external Mastervolt regulation to the factory Leece-Neville alternator, also properly programmed for AGM charging.


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