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I think the Secteur Blac people are giving you an answer without thinking.  

A standard whisker pole would exert no more lateral force on the mast than the Amel pole. It does the same thing, so the forces are the same. Certainly the attachment fittings at the shrouds do not carry any part of the thrust load from the Amel poles.  If I wanted to use standard whisker poles I would not hesitate to install them.


Are you sure you are setting up the Amel poles correctly?  Has an experienced Amel sailor showed you how to rig them?  I only ask because I find them MUCH easier to use and rig than the standard whisker pole I have used on my past boats.  When set up as intended, they are very simple to handle, even for someone working alone. If you find them too heavy, you might be able to replace the aluminum sections with a carbon fiber tube and cut the weight dramatically.

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Hello Amel Friends,
I inquired whether it would be feasible to install a mast pole for the genoa on my Maramu. I was told by the "Secteur Blanc" people (they  do the rigging for the Chantiers Amel at La Rochelle)  that the mast on the Amel  boats could not sustain enough lateral push to be so equipped. I did see a Maramu with a mast pole though. I wish I could avoid the complicated, cumbersome and heavy poles the Maramu comes with. I used them once or twice but find them almost impossible to rig when sailing solo. Also I got injured  when doing it last time.
Any good advice?
 Inuit (Maramu 253)

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