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Pail, I delayed answering you because I was hoping someone had the exact answer, rather than trying to measure the O ring. But, since nobody had it, I attempted to measure it. I believe the outside diameter of the propeller shaft is milled to 1.5 inches which is 3.81mm. I measure the O ring at 3.9cm inside, 4.5cm outside, and 3mm thick, but since there are at least 10,000 sizes of O rings, and the O ring is flexible, I cannot be 100% sure.

I believe that since someone other than Amel made your wear bushing that you should have several sizes of O rings. The "correct" size O ring is the one that you can feel seal as you press the wear bushing onto the shaft. If the bushing slides onto the shaft too easily, you will have a leak. If I were making these, I would want to be 100% sure of all of the specifications including the hardness of the bronze. As you probably know. the Vickers Hardness range is very large for bronze. Do you know the Vickers Hardness of the Amel bushing? I do not, and I suspect our Turkish friends did not either. But, if I knew, I would think seriously about two O ring slots rather than just one.

I believe that this O ring fit is crucial to keeping water out of the C drive. I always remove the O ring and place waterproof grease into the slot in the bushing for the O ring, and on the O ring. I think everyone should do this. I showed this to Amel in Martinique. They agreed and now are doing this on all wear bushing replacements they do.

Another very important thing is to clean the inside wall of the cavity that the outside of the Lip Seals press against...and to grease the inside of the Lip Seals and the inside of the cavity.

I hope that this helps you, and fair winds.

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Thankyou I had two bronze fittings made in Turkey so need to have o rings for them, and also like to have spare anyhow
Paul on SYKerpa SM 259

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