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I read some of the posts regarding fuel polishing and wondered if the boats that added fuel polishing also have a complete autopilot replacement including drives, course computer, control head, fluxgate compass, and rudder reference.

There is no question that Amel Owners will sail to distant shores around the world. Jimmy Cornell told me that from his experience, when he owned the ARC and with his current Odyssey rallies, including the Atlantic Odyssey, 10% of the rally boats will experience autopilot failure when crossing oceans. Loss of an autopilot will cause a huge amount of effort by a crew to manually steer across an ocean. Dirty fuel, on the other hand is not a big problem, especially if you have a dozen Racor filters on-board.

I sometimes think that I have too many spares and I have added too many things to BeBe. For instance I have all of the parts onboard for the next 3 haulout... that is 6 years worth of parts. The water line is an inch higher than I like, but I do not have a fuel polisher, other than the fuel recycling which happens when an engine is running. I do have dual Racor filters, but have never had to switch filters from A to B because I change them regularly. I did have a Raymarine drive fail on a 1,200 mile passage, but turned the selector switch to the other drive.

I certainly don't want anyone to take this critical, and I am sure that all of you have thought of these things, but I believe that there is too much space devoted to fuel polishing at boat shows, don't you?

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