holding tank intake and odor smell


I am in the process of purchasing a 1998 SM. Some years back the
seller replaced the forward holding tank intake copper tube with PVC
piping after the copper tube failed for some reason. The outflow hose
from the head is clamped to the PVC tube intake of the holding tank.
There is about 1 inch distance between the end of the clamped hose and
the holding tank, and the PVC that is visible is coated blue.
Evidence of old head outflow leakage is evident in the head shelf
lining where the holding tank intake tube meets the head outflow hose.
The problem is there is a very strong head smell that a recent
surveyor thinks is coming from the connection between the head and the
PVC holding intake tube. The seller thinks the problem is just normal
head odors, and is caused by lack of regular usage of the forward
head. Would appreciate response from anyone familiar with head odor
problems or breakage of the holding tank intake copper tubing.

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