Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Solar panel installation - AMEL 54's

Alan Leslie

panels are 200W each 1580H x 808W x 40D...and yes they are Chinese. AA Solar - Importers and Distributors of Solar Panels and Alternative Power Systems

They are the biggest panels I could have on the arch. Riza maked the top frame to suit your panel dimensions. I have had Chinese solar panels on my previous boat and they were perfectly fine. I think the majority of panels, no matter what the brand name, are now made in China.
As to wiring...we ran the cable in the starboard side cable clutter, the MPPT controller is mounted in the hanging locker opposite the aft head, where the regulator for the wind generator is mounted and wired in parallel with the output from the wind gen reg which feeds directly to the battery positive and the shunt.
Essential that you have an MPPT controller not a standard solar reg. MPPT maximises the output, standard regs just regulate the voltage

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