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Hello Mohammad.

Answers below:

The bimini is the original one supplied with the boat. The only modification was to add two S/S steel struts at the back of the bimini frame from the glass fibre doghouse/screen. The bimini is now rigid - so it can take the weight of the solar panel.

The solar panel was supplied by a firm in Lefkas Greece called Metronix. They have a website. I used them because my boat is based nearby, in Preveza Greece.

The panel is rated at 250W at 24V. It is rigid, glass, and is found in home installations. I have seen it deliver 5 amps in bright sunshine, but more generally it delivers 3 to 4 amps. This is obviously not enough to run all the electrics but it does make a meaningful difference. As I said, I now run my generator much less than I used to. I also make sure I actively manage my electricity consumption - if it is not in use it is swictched off, including instruments, inverter and all lights - which have all been changed to LED's.

The boom does shade the panel admittedly, However I tie it over to one side as in the photo when not sailing. I paid 600 euros for the S/S frame to be made and another 500 euros for the panel and MPPT controller from Metronix. I fitted it myself.

I am still using the original batteries on the boat, supplied in 2008. However I am planning to replace the domestic bank later this year, but 8 years is not bad going for a boat that is as energy intensive as an Amel 54.

Hope this helps.

Tony Robinson.

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Hi Tony;
I did receive it. Thank you. So you had to make a new bimini stainless structure or just added one to the top?
Can you please send me a link to the solar panel and controller that you used. What is the total max wattage of your panel? How many total Amp Hours do you get in a nice sunny day? Have you noticed a big effect of shading on your panels due to the location.
Sorry for the multiple questions. I appreciate your responses and the sharing of your experiences.
Mohammad Shirloo
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