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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

I’ll emphasize one point just because it is really important. 

Installing a methanol powered device in your engine room, or anywhere below deck on a boat, or even storing methanol below deck raises very serious issues.  I am sure you can find someone on the internet who will tell you it is ok, but it is NOT.  

By many measures methanol is more dangerous to handle than gasoline.  It has a much wider concentration range at which it will explode, and requires much less energy to ignite.  Methanol vapors in a confined space are more dangerous even than propane.  An Amel engine space is not designed with the electrical standards, spark suppression, automatic ventilation and other features needed to handle any fuel more volatile than diesel.

If you decide to go ahead with this, be sure you have someone who understands the issues review the installation.

Handling flammable materials on a boat can be done safely--witness the large number of gasoline powered boats--but it is very serious business, and not something to be done lightly or in ignorance of the issues.

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On Jul 14, 2016, at 06:34, danielmfrey63@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Thanks for all your inputs.

I have no personal experience, but the advantages / disadvantages of the EFOY are said to be:

+ works completly quiet in the background
+ delivers the complete amount of energy for one day
+ easy installation
+ no arches for solar panels / no platforms for wind gens / no interference with the beautiful silhouette of a Super Maramu or a Santorin...
+ batteries are charged constantly and gently
+ Independent from weather (wind, sun)
+ can be removed from the boat within 30 minutes and installed in an other boat
+ with 1 fuel can a boat can be in a bay without starting the engine or the gen
+ no maintenance costs

- proprietary fuel necessary
- fuel expensive
- fuel must be bought and transported at a still limited network of shops (no post delivery, not to be transported in airplanes, etc.)
- fuel dangerous (poisonous and easily inflammable)
- rel. high initial Investment for the engine
- limited lifetime of the engine (approx. 6000 hours)
- not enough energy to run air conditioning, or other energy consuming devices on the long run

But that is all only theory. Therefore I asked the - shy - question whether any AMEL owner has personal experience.

Best - Daniel

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