Yanmar 24 volt alternator make/model

Niels Hauerslev <niels.hauerslev@...>

Hi, as a new owner, I am having trouble with the 24 Volt alternator not charging.
The red lamp on 24 Volt panel does not light up at any time, showing fault, so tried to hook up a 24 Volt G4 bulb to the "red light" wires, just to check if the lamp was OK, but still no light comes on...
Does anyone know the make/model of the 24 Volt alternator, sitting on the Yanmar 4JH on a SM2000?? I think I will get a new one, and get the old one repaired for spare. The sticker on the alternator is gone.
Thanks a billion!
Bigouz SM2000 #351

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