holding tank outflow blockage


Have done more investigation, found out the outflow from the forward
holding tank was blocked, causing the tank to fill up and cut off
vent, thus creating a very noxious smell. The seller took a hanger
and inserted it up the through hull and released a blockage, rusulting
in the holding tank being emptied.

The seller previously replaced the original holding tank copper intake
tube with PVC tubing. He did not remove the original copper tube
which remains in the holding tank, but disconnected from the intake
area. I'm concerned the copper tube has shifted and is blocking the
normal gravity emptying of the holding tank.

Has anyone heard of this type of situation? What would be the best
way to get a look inside the tank to see if the copper tube was
interfering with the normal gravity functioning of the tank? If it
was interfering, what would be the best approach to fix the situation?
Can the holding tanks be opened to remove such a blockage?

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We also have a 98 SM #209. The front head also had
some ordor issues. Very quickly after we pruchased
the boat I replace the hose leading from the head to
the tank. No more ordor. If the copper tube was
replaced it would be interesting to know how that was

On the other hand with an inch of diameter difference
between the PVC and fitting there is no way in the
world that you will get anything near a tight fit.
You may want to consider using a hose diameter adaptor
that is available at Defender or West Marine. Use a
short correct size PVC section then using the 1.5"
diameter normal hose to the head.

Good luck, there are always lots of smelly sweet
things you can hang in the front head to kill the


--- drdavegoodman <drdavegoodman@...> wrote:

I am in the process of purchasing a 1998 SM. Some
years back the
seller replaced the forward holding tank intake
copper tube with PVC
piping after the copper tube failed for some reason.
The outflow hose
from the head is clamped to the PVC tube intake of
the holding tank.
There is about 1 inch distance between the end of
the clamped hose and
the holding tank, and the PVC that is visible is
coated blue.
Evidence of old head outflow leakage is evident in
the head shelf
lining where the holding tank intake tube meets the
head outflow hose.
The problem is there is a very strong head smell
that a recent
surveyor thinks is coming from the connection
between the head and the
PVC holding intake tube. The seller thinks the
problem is just normal
head odors, and is caused by lack of regular usage
of the forward
head. Would appreciate response from anyone
familiar with head odor
problems or breakage of the holding tank intake
copper tubing.

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