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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

Odd things can happen with a non-fixed pitch prop.  On my old boat I wrapped a line on my Maxprop while docking. When I put the gear shift in reverse the boat went backwards.  When I put it in forward the boat went… backwards!  Exciting times.

Re-pitching a Maxprop can be done in the water, but it is a very difficult job.  A good idea is to spread a fine mesh net underneath to catch the parts you will drop.

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Hello Bill K,

Thanks for the info… to my  surprise, when placing the lever in forward while exiting the suspension straps, the boat moved aft.  Moved the lever aft and she moved ahead.  Reversed the cables on the Morse and problem fixed enough to go to the berth safely.

Now I have to fix the problem afloat…. Humm!

FYI, Olivier told me to set the pitch at 22 degrees and explained that boats with tired engines often opted to  set 20 degrees,,, FWIW.

Cheers and fair winds,

Jean-Pierre Germain,
Eleuthera SM 007

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It matters greatly the direction of rotation. Although the propeller will push the boat either way, if you stop the engine while the prop is turning in reverse, it will not feather.  This is the way you could use the Maxprop to drive  a shaft alternator.  If you assemble it backwards, the only way to get it to feather would be to stop the engine while in reverse gear.  Annoying, at best.

The notes in our documentation say that the prop should be set to 20 degrees pitch, left rotating. 

If this is your first time putting a Maxprop back together expect to take more than one try. It’s not hard, but it does require careful attention to detail to make sure everything goes together the right way.  Follow instructions exactly!

Bill Kinney
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Hello Gang,

We are servicing the prop but did not note the settings ...

First question: what is the direction of rotation?

Second question: does it matter if it is right hand or left hand?  Is there more efficiency in one direction instead of the other?

Jean-Pierre Germain

Eleuthera SM 007

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