Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Information needed. Maxprop on TDM 22 Volvo.

Stephen Davis

Hi JP,

Get on the PYI website, and they have a very simple video on how to determine your rotation. Mine is right hand. As you take the max prop apart, look at the 2 sets of letters carefully so you know how to get it back together. If you have any issues, contact PYI. They are very helpful. Also, after you have the blades off, you can remove the hub with a generic 3 arm gear puller. We did not need a special prop puller. 

Good luck on the project. 

Aloha SM72

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Hello Gang,

We are servicing the prop but did not note the settings ...

First question: what is the direction of rotation?

Second question: does it matter if it is right hand or left hand?  Is there more efficiency in one direction instead of the other?

Jean-Pierre Germain

Eleuthera SM 007

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