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Hi Bill.
If you can furl manually with a line, the rivets are intact.  If the pin is engaged, but the motor doesn't turn the foil, you must have a failure in the gear box.  If it is "wobbly", that confirms that a gear or bearing is out of place.  What did you ("they") do to repair it last year?
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One more guess...

Maybe the worm gear inside the furler mechanism is somehow binding. I would guess that if this happened the motor would shear. Possibly a bearing or bushing has caused the gears to get out of alignment and they occasionally bind.

I think after you check the obvious, this is next on your list.

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I am guessing that it could be a lot of things, but, I will give you some guesses to eliminate because I have not experienced this. I imagine you have already eliminated these, but since you did not say, here you are:
  1. That motor is very strong. Is it possible that the swivel is binding? Maybe the external halyard is jamming something at the top, or some other cause of binding.
  2. Is there an alignment or tension issue? I believe that not enough tension on the Genoa Halyard will cause the foil to whip around as furling and unfurling happens.
I wish you well as you explore the reason.

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Hey everyone-

I have not look into this yet but last year I had the issue where the furling motor sheared from the plate that spins the sail out (while locking pin is engaged). Well, yesterday I had the same thing happen less than 1 year after it was "fixed". I actually furled into the wind under light air conditions. You know, no problem just used the cross method and rolled the sail manually but I am confused and frustrated as to why this is an issue. Can anyone chime in with suggestions or comments? 

Many thanks, 

Bill Maffei

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