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Hey Bud get back to sea or is it see in any best to you 

Fair Winds Smooth Sailing To All
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Thanks Pat and Diane.
As far as the girls go, I'd be like a dog chasing a truck...if I ever caught one , I wouldn't know what to do with it.

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Kent, Sorry to hear abut your injury. As our boats and bodies age , they both require repairs. Boats are just more expensive . Diane and I wish you a speedy and full recovery . May I suggest , that you stop straining so hard checking out the girls , remember your age.

Best Wishes,

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Masha Danki for your well wishes, and to Derick for your kind offer.  Kristy is at the Curaçao Yacht Club and will be in good hands when I fly home in a couple weeks to see my eye doc and visit the grandkids.  Also have made friends with other cruisers who are looking out for me (no pun intended).  I'll be back in September to continue my S&W Caribbean swing.
Steady as she goes.

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Bill based on your discretion the worm gear bearing/ bushing is worn allowing it to run free. Normally it's a self locking system. 

Capt Richard Piller

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Gearbox needs disassembly, inspection and probable overhaul.

And Genoa halyard may not be tight enough and/or forestay may not be tight enough.


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Okay, so I looked at it further and it looks like it is working. It is wobbly as all hell but the bolts have not sheared off. The furling motor is fine. The rivets do look a little loose but I am at a loss as to why it would just completely unfurl while the pin was engaged yesterday and now it works "okay". Some work definitely needs to be done but I am not sure. The head sail is tight but the foil wobbles when rolling in under power. Thoughts?

Bill Maffei
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