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The following is mostly my opinion.

Most new boats have only one brand because Furuno, Raymarine, B&G, and others offer the builder discounts and/or rebates and other incentives to use 100% of their brand. 

Our SM came with:
Furuno GPS, Radar, and SSB
Raymarine AutoPilot and drives
B&G instruments.

Our last boat (Beneteau) had 100% Raymarine. Every component except the autopilot and drive failed one by one, within 6 years.

I believe that Raymarine (Autohelm) has a history of building very good autopilots for pleasure craft.

I believe that Furuno is used more by commercial boats, and that its autopilot is problematic.

I believe that B&G has a history of longlife instruments and is used in commercial and pleasure boats, and I have no experience with its autopilot.

And, I believe that Captain Amel picked the best manufacturer for each of the above, at the time.

Lots has changed since the Super Maramu was spec'd. I am not sure which would be the best today.


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I will be replacing all of my instruments. The mechanic doing the work ,Its a ton of moneysuggest I go with B&G as opposed to Furuno chartplotters and raymarine instruments that I have now. I know the Amels came with B&G instruments , but did they also come with B&G chartplotters and radar ? What autopilot ? I think B&G was sold , are they still a quality instrument ? Its a ton of money and I want to make the right choices. I guess it makes it easier to integrate if everything is one brand. Go all Furuno or all B&G , any thoughts .

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