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Mark Erdos

Hi Bill K,


Keep the beer on ice for me!!! Although, I must say I would never knowingly endorse West Marine or as I refer to them: Worst Marine.


We just purchased a new Highfield CL310. We looked long and hard at the folding RIBs but other than WM couldn’t find a distributor in the USA. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a WM boat. But, I hope it works out for you. However, if we could have found a distributor, the FRIB would have been our first choice. We were writing to a FRIB distributor in the UK and toiled with the idea of shipping to the USA but in the end decided against it. I wouldn’t worry about PVC. It has come a long way in UV protection in the last few years. Many PVC dinghy manufactures warranty their models for the same time as Hypalon. And besides, the PVC is so much less expensive. The decision to replace the worn out PVC dinghy is much easier to make.


We have the same 8HP 2 stroke Yamaha as you. Awesome engine! Easy to lift and plenty of power.


We added an arch with davits for the solar panel this year. We will lift the dink onto the davits when on the hook (which is most of the time). We will sail with it lashed to the aft cabin top. When in a marina, it will be stowed upside-down on the foredeck. Yes, we are starting to look like cruisers J



With best regards,




Super Maramu 2000

Hull #275

Currently cruising:  Tampa Bay for hurricane season


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I wanted to update people on what we found following up on our original question for a RIB dinghy that would fit in the lazzerette.


Mark from Creampuff suggested we look into folding RIBs.  That turned out to be the perfect suggestion (Thanks Mark!  If we cross paths that earned you a free beer!)  He was right about there being very few options on the market in the USA, but we only needed one—which we found.


West Marine has a spotty (at best) reputation for dinghy construction, so it was with some trepidation that we traveled a long distance to the nearest store that had their 10.6 folding RIB in stock. I really liked the design.  The construction quality was reasonable, although some of the details are spotty.  But the price was very good, especially because they had a previous model year in stock.


Things I like:  

  • The price.  By the time Karen got finished negotiating we paid about $1400.
  • It fits in the lazzerette!  It’s a tight fit, but it fits, with the engine in there too!  I never wanted to be that boat that pulls into the harbor and based on the deck clutter everybody thinks “look at the cruisers!”.  Getting the dinghy stowed below decks for passages is a very big plus for me.
  • If you don’t want to put it in the lazzerette, fold it up, put it in its bag, and tie it down between the rails on the aft deck.  Out of the sun and out of the way.
  • It has great performance.  It is rated for an 8HP engine.  We have a venerable 8HP 2 stroke Yamaha that puts it up on plane with both of us onboard, no problem. It is truly a ridged RIB when inflated to full pressure. (As an aside, that 9 year old Yamaha will have to be torn from my cold dead hands! It is an awesome machine.)


Things I don’t like:

  • It’s made of PVC fabric. Granted, it is the “good German PVC” but I do not expect it to last as long as a Hypalon dinghy. I’ll be making chaps to keep the sun off.  But given the price, I can’t complain too much.
  • Some of the details of manufacture were weak.  The inflation pump didn’t work (West Marine replaced it no questions asked).  Some glue stains were where they shouldn’t have been.  Little things like that.


Time will tell if it was a good idea, but we like it so far!


Bill Kinney

SM #160, Harmonie

Highlands, NJ

“Ships and men rot in port."





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Try doing a Google search for “Folding RIB”. This will give you some options but very few in the USA.




With best regards,




Super Maramu 2000

Hull #275

Currently cruising:  Tampa Bay for hurricane season


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I suspect I know the answer to this already, but it's worth asking the group...

Has anybody found a rigid hull inflatable dinghy that when deflated/disassembled fits a Super Maramu's aft deck locker?

Bill Kinney
SM160 Harmonie
Highlands, NJ




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