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I will take that $50,000 install job!

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Hi Pat,

Other replies have given you good input on B&G, which I think is still great. Your "ton of money" quote from your mechanic is interesting. I got a $64,000 quote. It included about $14,000 of equipment and the rest was labor. Believe me, this stuff is not rocket science, installation is easy plug and play and if you run the wires and install the units yourself you'll know where to look for future troubleshooting. B&G has excellent free tech support and can talk you through any issues you may encounter. Then again, I'm a DIY guy and hate to pay $100 an hour to mechanics.  (I did have one come out after I did the installation to "bless it" so I could get an extra year of warranty - he had good generic knowledge, but had to call B&G support to find out how to set parameters.)

If you do go B&G, their WR10 handheld Bluetooth remote Autopilot Controller is super and let's you move around the b oat while still being able to steer. If you'd like more details about what my system looks like, send a pm. And if you want a real expert, go to Francesco on Perigrinus!

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I will be replacing all of my instruments. The mechanic doing the work ,Its a ton of moneysuggest I go with B&G as opposed to Furuno chartplotters and raymarine instruments that I have now. I know the Amels came with B&G instruments , but did they also come with B&G chartplotters and radar ? What autopilot ? I think B&G was sold , are they still a quality instrument ? Its a ton of money and I want to make the right choices. I guess it makes it easier to integrate if everything is one brand. Go all Furuno or all B&G , any thoughts .

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