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Hi Duane,
if you remove the front cover of the dolphin charger you will find a small (very small) screw slot adjustable dial numbered 0 to 9. It is at the top left of the space opened up when you take the cover off (one central screw to remove the cover). It is tiny and easy to miss, mine was hiding behind a wire. My dolphin hand book has a page listing the settings from 0 to 9 showing the setting for each battery type.
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On the battery itself it listed:

Float: 13.5 to 13.8V
Absorb 14.25 to 14.4V

which corresponds closely to the 7 page (very synoptic) Dolphin manual I have from the previous owner which has a setting for Gel Batteries of 

Float 27.2V  
Absorb 28.4V

so it seems to correspond pretty well.  However, I'm not sure how to switch the Dolphin back to the wet cell settings.

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