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Nice detail. I wish I would have had the same detail 10 years ago.

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Great documentation. This will make your life much easier.




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Good afternoon,

First of all thanks to Gary and Bill for recommending and helping me with the Blue Sea AC Multimeter.

Electricity is not my strong point, so as described in the link, it was an interesting experience to learn about fast versus slow fuse as well as other differences.

For those interested, I just added the complete installation on the Blue Sea AC Multimeter

Sincerely, Alexandre
Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Hi Alexandre, I can confirm that an extension on
the ammeter (torrid) wires will not be an issue. Do use a
twisted pair of wires to minimize RF noise being broadcast
(something already twisted or you can make your own twisted
pair). Not terribly critical the number of twists per inch
but just roughly match what is already there.  The AC on
the line you are measuring induces a small current in the
lines going to the meter.  I'm surprised that BlueSea
doesn't make a statement about line extension. They are
a very responsive company and I would bet a phone call to
their tech support would confirm this.  If you find out
anything to the contrary, please let us know.
This was one of the best upgrades I
made and we usually monitor watts to assure we aren't
overloading anything. The first one I bought lasted 6 mo and
the display failed. They replaced no questions
All the
best, Gary Silvers/v Liahona

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