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Oh, good to know that you are in La Rochelle. You could also ask Amel for a chain supplier recommendation. 

Grade 40 chain was an ACCO grade only and may not be available. ACCO has conformed to other chain makers and now makes Grade 43 rather than 40. Either is good for your Amel. Grade 43 is better and stronger than 40...both are considered High Test. Grade 70 has a gold tint and is stronger, but overkill and possibly overweight for your bow.

I believe that in France you will see chain rated by strength category, however what you want is 10mm High Test chain with ISO4565 specifications, unless if your gypsy has been changed to 10mm with DIN 766 specifications. The difference between DIN and ISO is the "pitch" of the chain. Take a look at this photo. If this is the windlass you have, you have, it is ISO.

You should also download Anchor Chain, Galvanized dimensions and calibration.pdf from the Files section of the Amel Owners Group website. 
This link may work for that: 

I recommend that you buy French Made 10mm ISO High Test, beware that you may find Chinese made chain in France so be careful of super low prices and buy only from reputable sources.


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The boat in La Rochelle

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where are you?


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> Hi there
> I have to replace my
rusty chain on my SM. I am a quite unexperienced AMEL
> guy, what would you recomend, Grade 70 or
Grade 40 (galvaniced).  Lenght
> 80m,
Size 10.
> Thanks
> Peter

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