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OK, I am fairly sure that your Dessalator 60 liter watermaker requires 2 each of the SW302521. That would be a dimension of 2.5" and 21" long.

Maybe another owner with a 60 liter can verify that number, and could you measure the length of the membrane tube?

Earlier, I think that you said that your product water TDS was 200ppm. Is that correct? If so, you do not need to change the membranes.

Lastly, changing the membranes is difficult the first time you do it and you should have an O ring kit from Dessalator before you do this job. 

You might want to check with Dessalator by phone about the prices of the membrane and O ring kit before you buy them in Australia. I understand that their phone support is very good.

You also might want to check to see if they have a rep in will cost more, but may be worth it. Download their list of agents in Australia here:

There are two Word Files in the files section that you should download. Go to Files and search on Membrane and you should see these files. Download them:

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Yes I have tried to download the PDF but have access forbidden, from what I can see so far, the membrane is  Membrane type 25.21 (30 to 100 L/H range) (100015)

But not sure without contacting manufacturer direct.


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I noticed that I gave you the wrong number for the 160. It ia SW302540, but you have the 60. I don't know the number for the membranes for the 60.

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Oh, and if it is the 160 liter the membranes are Filmtec SW30-2521




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Barry & Robyn,


There is one manufacturer of membranes in the world. It is FilmTec, a DOW company.


If you know the size of your membranes, you can buy Filmtec membranes from anyone. But be careful as they have a shelf life of 6-12 months depending on temperature.


What water maker do you have? If it is a Dessalator 160 liter it takes 2 membranes. If it is this water maker and has white plastic looking end caps, you will need the membranes, end caps and a O ring kit.


Get back to me and I can point you to sources when I know what you have.



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Good morning, does anyone know of an alternative membrane that is compatible with the Dessalator watermaker. I am looking for a supplier in Australia.


Kind Regards

Barry & Robyn

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