Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Wire tracing.


Boy oh boy, I feel better that I'm not alone in these endeavors.  For 6 months I tried to get my house charging circuit to work properly; 3 different alternators, 2 "experts" and no good results.  finally I threw in the towel and hired a certified pro. 
We spent nearly 3 hours troubleshooting.  Yes we could make it work, but not without alot of effort and fuses [the test equipment kept blowing fuses].  We finally came to the conclusion it would be better to re-wire the system [House side], install a better battery monitoring system (Blueseas M2), change the alternator (Bosch 200 amp) and add a crossover switch. 
6 weeks later I now have a system that works well and gives my batteries all the go juice it needs/ requires.  Now I am replacing the 30 year selenoids to complete the rebuild of my furlers.
Next week the new B&G 4G radar gets installed and I should be done with the major work for a spell.

Amel really built stuff well, but tracing out circuits is a pain.

Amel Sharki #163

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