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Steve Davis not only has done these jobs on his boat, he has done it on others.

I think this is your best deal...owner-to-owner training.

BeBe 387

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If you decide to do the work in Grenada prior to our departure around 1 November, I'm happy to help you with the Cdrive and bow thruster service. After you have done it once, you will not be nervous to tackle it the next time. 

Steve Davis
Aloha Sm72
Right next to you in Grenada

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Excellent thanks 

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Yes, Wear Bushing and seals from Amel is for the C drive.

There is another option that you should investigate and that is a haul out at Le Marin, Martinique with Amel doing the work and you observing. It will cost you more, but could be invaluable for your first time. Contact amel.caraibes"at"

Also, I failed to remind you that you will need an AutoProp puller. It looks like this:

Note that the autoprop in the video has a zinc. Amel's bonding system protects the prop and Amel recommends a plastic hub. A red one came with your boat.

BeBe 387

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Quick question Bill.  Below item #3 you refer  Wear Bushing and seals from Amel.. This is for C drive?

Ben Driver
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Thanks Bill

Ben Driver
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About 9 years ago we had BeBe's bottom sanded and painted with antifouling at Spice Island Marine in Grenada If you contact them ask for Suzie and tell her we pointed you to her.

The yard provided and supervised good workers for the job and we supplied a 20 liter pail of InterNational Micron66 that we had bought on sale 6 months prior. The job consisted of:
  1. Haulout 
  2. Pressure
  3. Place on hard stand supports
  4. Lightly sand the entire bottom
  5. Clean the propeller
  6. Paint 2 coats with a roller all over and 1 more coat at the waterline and leading edges. It will take about 18 liters. They supplied all materials except the Micron66
  7. Polish the topsides
Judy and I did the following while the above was being done.
  1. Replace  Bow Thruster&nbs p;oil (gear oil 80-90) and seals kit from Amel (normal service)
  2. Replace Bow Thruster Hub from Amel
  3. Replace Wear Bushing and seals from Amel
  4. Replace C Drive oil (Amel now uses 80-90 Gear oil)
  5. Replace Spurs line cutter zinc (available only from Spurz or a dealer)
  6. Replace Rudder zincs
  7. Using an Ohmmeter, check continuity between propeller shaft and rudder zincs (checking bonding)
  8. Use your grease gun to inject waterproof grease the AutoProp, using the grease fitting from AutoProp, and check for blade wobble which is a sign of needed bearing replacement. I think if you plan to own your Amel for a while that you should probably buy a bearing kit from AutoProp to have it when it is necessary to install.
  9. Grease the two head's ball valves by injecting grease from the bottom into and on the interior ball.
Be sure that you have al l of the parts, including oil, before hand. I have underlined some of the things that you should have gathered before you haulout. And be sure that you have searched and found the instructions in the Files section of the Amel Owners Group. You should search both Photos and Files for keywords like C Drive, bushing, thruster, propeller.
Did you save the links for the photos of both of these jobs provided by "Alexandre SM2K #289 NIKIMAT"?

You should get a price from Spice Island Marine in Grenada and Peakes in Trinidad and other references on both of these.

Get back to me with questions.


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Shortly I will haul and paint the bottom of my boat for the first time as a new owner (Feb 15).  Previous boats I painted were smaller and in cooler California waters.   I would appreciate advice on best type of paint, number of coats, need for primer, etc.?  Also recommendations for good yard to have work done would be appreciated.  I'm in Grenada but would travel reasonable distance for quality work and reasonable price.


Ben Driver

La Bella Vita

SM 347

Currently in Grenada 

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