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Patrick McAneny

Steve, It felt  normal before I launched in April. Very aware of Rascal's problems , I inspected his boat before he left the Sassafras and advised him that the bearings were shot . Later while in the Caribbean , he thought the motor may have failed, as it would not turn and remembering the condition the bearing were in, I suggested he replace them before taking the motor to a shop. It turned out to be the bearings not the motor. I replaced my bearings a few years ago and probably have not ran my thruster a total of ten minutes since.
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Hi Pat,

I'm not sure about the only one direction noise. When Rick Grimes on Rascal had the noisy bow thruster which eventually led to total failure, I found the prop had lots of lateral slop as a result of all the bearings having failed. Have you tried to turn the prop by hand to see how it feels?

Steve Davis
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My bow thruster is making a loud unusual noise and vibration , but in only one direction . I was preoccupied with getting it into a travel and failed to make note of which direction it made noise. Any thoughts on what would make vibration/noise in one direction. I now wish I had left it down to take a look . It was only out for ten minutes for the surveyor to inspect the hull and once again, I was preoccupied with the task at hand to determine anything concerning the bow thruster. I will have another chance in a couple of weeks when its pulled again to switch out all the transducers. I ordered a new hub and screws from Maud to be ready, if needed.

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