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The boat has been at the doc for quiet some time. Barnacle build up possibly? Equipment malfunction? Dried sticky seals? 

When we tried to retract it, it was intermittent. 

If I do purchase it a complete overall will be done and then maybe a final answer. 

And yes the inside starboard hull was chewed up as well. I couldn't get a clean image of it but could feel inside. 


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Trevor, You may have nailed it , almost sure you did. The light did not go on in the down position , but I thought it was the result of a lightning strike that had blown out a fan and other lights , the buzzer also did not come on. I had  my wife look to see if the thruster went down when activated and it did , but she may not have realized it  was not down all the way. I also noticed scuffing  on the edge of the hull opening on the starboard side. I now wished I had ordered a new prop . Did you determine why the thruster did not extend all the way down ?
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I just observed a survey on a Santorin for a possible purchase. Same thing occurred. Once it was out of the water we could see that it had not fully deployed downward. One direction of thrust pushes the prop away from the hull and the other direction pulls it toward the hull. The vibration was the grinding of the prop against the inside of the hull. It chewed up the edges of the blades pretty well. 

The bow thruster had a small play (not tight fitting) that allowed it to wiggle port to starboard, just slightly. 

When we grabbed the housing and pulled downward it fell a few inches into the bottom position.  Once back in the water the vibration was gone. Though we could hear it shift from port to starboard by changing thrust dir ection. 

A few things as a possible owner I took note on:

1. The housing will need to be built back up so that the outer diameter of the bow thruster glides smoothly inside the hull - there was an area on the forward starboard edge that was visibly worn down. 

2. This unit has no visual indicator at the helm station letting you know it is fully extended or retracted - poor mans choice is to simply go have a look inside the fwd cabin and inspect if it has fully deployed prior to engaging the prop. 

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My bow thruster is making a loud unusual noise and vibration , but in only one direction . I was preoccupied with getting it into a travel and failed to make note of which direction it made noise. Any thoughts on what would make vibration/noise in one direction. I now wish I had left it down to take a look . It was only out for ten minutes for the surveyor to inspect the hull and once again, I was preoccupied with the task at hand to determine anything concerning the bow thruster. I will have another chance in a couple of weeks when its pulled again to switch out all the transducers. I ordered a new hub and screws from Maud to be ready, if needed.

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