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Thanks, Alex.

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For the new owners like myself who are intimidated by maintenance task they have never done performed, I illustrated the “Basic maintenance” of the Lofrans Tigres Windlass.

I really would like the more experience owners to look at the document and make sure I did not make any mistake (too much grease, etc.) and correct me.

Since I purchase my vessel (end of 2012) I had never serviced the windlass… Why?
because I don’t use it much and gave priority to other systems that i use all the time.
Consequently some parts were very difficult to extract.

Now that I am familiar with it, I will definitely service it on a regular basis (starting every 3 months).
I believe this will be much easier and quicker.

This also helped me to understand better how my windlass works.

Here is the link:

For low bandwidth user, the document is split in 5 sections.

If bandwidth is not an issue, there is also the full version (58 pictures).

Sincerely, Alexandre
Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

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