Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Super Maramu FRIENDSHIP II Hull #415 From San Francisco

Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

Always sad to see a good boat being killed by neglect!  

I have no first hand knowledge, but a bit of googling and a search of the USCG Vessel Documentation database indicates that “Friendship II” is (was?) owned by someone named Robert M. Stewart, and the USCG documentation hasn’t been renewed since 2008. With no current document, I couldn’t find an address.   Looks like he might be from in or around San Jose, CA.

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I saw a terrible sight today! Located at Coral Cove Marina, Trinidad in the secured hard storage area is FRIENDSHIP II, Super Maramu Red Line Hull #415 with a homeport of San Francisco. It has been on the hard since 2008 and is rotting and molding in place. There is even mold on the spreaders. What once was an all-boat cover is in shreds. According to locals nobody has visited this boat since it was placed on the hard in 2008. I was also told that someone is paying for storage.

Does anyone know anything about this boat. I have photos for the owner or an interested party. 


Bill Rouse

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