Re: Flying the foc d'artimon and trinquette on Maramu 46

Alan Leslie

The foc d'artimon/mizzen staysail/mizzen ballooner....
Tack is on the u bolt in front of the dodger.
The peak on the halyard from the front of the mizzen mast
put a block on the eye bolt on the aft gunwale on the side you want the sheet 
run the sheet outside the rail to the block and then  back to a winch
Haul it up the mizzen mast et voila

Trinquette/staysail...depends on what configuration you have
Inner forestays were not standard on Amel boats
We have a furler with a staysail on it but not tracks for the sheet blocks, we use snatch blocks
Some have tracks on the deck along side the cabin top
maybe you have a stay you can attach and a hank on staysail ??

Elyse SM437

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