Re: Flying the foc d'artimon and trinquette on Maramu 46


Hi Graham,

On our Maramu, there is a loop on the deck just forward of the main traveler.  That is the attachment point for the wire stay which on the mizzen sail should extend about two feet beyond the tack of the sail so the sail clears the main sheet.  We run the sheet outside the shrouds to the stern where we run it through a block at the top of a stanchion and a block at the bottom of the stanchion then to the stern winch.

In this configuration you will quickly note that the mizzen has to come down to tack.  Thus we only use it in long reaches.  It does add about a knot to our boat speed in wind 8-12 knots.  Beyond 12 knots we don't bother.  Finally, in a point of sail beyond a broad reach it becomes ineffective as it steals wind from the main.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121

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