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Hello Stephanie. Here is some information I hope you will find to be helpful. When replacing electronics, be sure to remind the technician that Amel boats have a full-floating/full earth return DC electrical system. This is critical to know and understand this as to install certain components including but not limited to voltage transformers and the like in a conventional manner will cause problems in the future which can evolve into serious challenges.


The clothes washer dryer and the dishwasher are not sold in the United States and there is no support for them here. The closest support can be found in the French Caribbean Islands and possibly through Amel in Martinique. That particular dishwasher is no longer manufactured and many of the spares are very difficult to obtain. The “brain” that controls all functions is not available anywhere. I have two electrical engineers attempting to ‘reverse engineer’ a replacement without luck so far. These appliances cannot tolerate American 60 cycle  240 volt electricity for even a nanosecond as it will ‘cook’ the brain instantly. As a European I am sure you are aware of this and I include this information for others reading who may not have this information.


Good luck with your refit.


Have fun with your Amel, Joel

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Hi All!

SM Indecent is on the hard in West Palm Beach to have all of her electronics replaced. All were original to 2002, so 14 years service is noble! I would also like to take this opportunity to have her washer /dryer and dishwasher serviced. Can anyone recommend a service in the Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach that does this? Many thanks.

Fair winds,
Stephanie DiBelardino
SM Indecent 353
On the hard in West Palm Beach

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