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Hi Duane.
Those are for the power to the winch motors (big wires).  The breaker on the 24v panel (icon looks like a joy stick) powers the switch panel at the helm for all the winches, the windlass, and the anchor wash.  I'm sure that those switches and the ones on the coaming go to relays for each motor, which then power the winch motors.  There are two electrical boxes up there that probably contain the relays, but I'm not on the boat now.  Hoping someone knows for sure where the relays are and what kind of relays so I can order them from home.  If I just know for sure where they are I can get someone to go aboard and identify what kind they are.

If I'm wrong about how the switches work, please someone let me know.

If I'm right, and the relay is stuck in the closed position, then a failed switch could cause a runaway winch.

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Maybe I'm not understanding your question.  There is a breaker for the mainsail winch and the stbd winch above the midcabin birth, and a breaker in the engine room for the port winch.  They are not controlled by the 24 volt panel in the galley.

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