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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Kent, I think that you will find the breaker for the port cockpit winch is on the forward bulkhead of the engine room. The breaker for the starboard winch is in the ceiling of the companion way to the aft cabin. Look forward to your conclusion on this as Ocean Pearl is the same.
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Thanks, Bill.
So the relay for the port winch is in the coaming in the top of the cockpit locker.  And the starboard one above the passageway ceiling?  A pic of the inside of that box and closeup of the relay would've helpful.


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What you say is not correct.  The switch on the panel controls the power to the COIL side of the main relay ONLY.  The power side of the relay is controlled by breakers above the companionway up high inside the cockpit locker.

If the main relay sticks closed, the winch will continue to run and turning of the switch on the electrical panel will NOT stop it! It can happen… it happened to the previous owners of Harmonie.  The only way to stop it is to shut off the power side breaker.  If it is your port side winch, that requires emptying the cockpit locker, climbing inside and reaching up.  NOT something you want to do in an emergency.

This is one of the reasons you should NEVER, EVER use the cockpit winches under power to go up the mast. 


I am looking at my lewmar relay boxes above the companionway, but I see no identifying part number, and when I open it up I see no part numbers on the relays either…  Would you like pictures?

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Hi Kent,
As I always start off, "I'm no electrician", so...

I don't think it's a stuck relay. If you are wired correctly, then even if you had a stuck relay, nothing should work if the 24V breaker is off. You will have to trace the wires. 
A stuck relay would only be a problem if the 24V breaker were on, then, obviously, a big problem. Several years ago an owner lost an arm due to that. That's all the more reason to trace the wire, as what you're describing now leaves you with no ability to kill the power to that winch in an emergency (such as a stuck relay).

Tom Peacock
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