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On my boat the toggle switch turns off both the furler and the windlass. Even though it is labeled "Guindeau".  Maybe it was wired the day before the factory's summer vacation?

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There is a toggle switch in the forward cabin, port cabinet which has the circuit breaker and a toggle switch to turn off the windlass.

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Is there a way to remove electrical power from the anchor windlass on an SM without also disconnecting the jib furler? 


I always considered it good seamanship to depower a windlass when underway to avoid any chance of accidental activation.  I know of at least one boat who had a switch short circuit after taking a wave over the bow in rough weather, and the running windlass did all kinds of damage before they could get it shut down.


I know that loosening the clutch on the gypsy will avoid the most serious issues, but still an electrical disconnect just seems like a good idea.


Anybody have a switch fail closed on the anchor windlass system?  If so, how did you stop it?


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