Eastern Med and Suez transit

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hi Ed,
No idea where you are but we are in Malta. We have an excellent log
produced by Kamu 2, a 12.9mtr yacht giving important info on charges,
reception etc. in Northern Cyprus,Syria,Lebanon, Israel and Egypt,
transiting the canal etc.Not sure whether to send it to you at your
Email address or put it in the Files section. Suffice to say that we
are encouraged to go that way for our summer cruise. If you want it
sent to you please let us know your address as I am not sure whether
the bit shown on your place in the members section would work.
Alternatively if others also want the info I will try to post it in the
files section. It is two years worth (2005/6) and each one is covers
seven or eight pages.
My full address is in the members section.
Let me know, Best wishes John SM319

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