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The Sterling charger/inverter is what I had installed on Kristy when I had severe electrolytic damage to my prop shaft.  The grounding wire is connected internally to both the AC and DC systems.  With no ground connection you are at risk of electrocution if the charger fails.  If you connect the ground, and the unit fails, you are at risk of electrolytic damage.  I don't believe that charger is designed for the Amel isolated ground system.

I'm not sure what is going on with your boat now.
How long ago was the Sterling installed?
Is the Voltage leak AC or DC?
Do you have a generator?  If so, does the voltage leak occur when charging with the generator?
Is the Sterling an charger/inverter or just a charger?

Until you get this resolved, do not connect to shore power or use your charger.  Check your zincs ASAP!

Get to an Amel-savvy electrician ASAP!

SM 243

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Hi all. Our Santorin 122 Earendil, have this problem : electrical shock. When we touch sea wather and metallic parts of the boat we have about 2V of tension. That happens only if the  battery charger is connected to the shore power of the marina.We had substituted the original TECSUP with a Sterling Power Procharge N and  installed a Sterlng galvanic isolator ProSave E but the engineer who did the work  didn't connect  the ground  cable of the ProCharge  to the  bonding system. Can this be the problem? We have not an  electrician disposabe now,  so could anyone give  us help? Thanks and fair winds to all

SN Earendil
actually in Croatian sea

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